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Non-woven wallpaper buy points

[ Question ] Non-woven wallpaper buy points ? [ Answer ]
students iodp1 Hello , your questions are as follows :
Nonwovens (nonwoven), also known as non-woven, non-woven . Orientation or randomly arranged fibers by friction , cohesion or adhesion or a combination of these methods combined with each other into a sheet , web or batt . Does not include paper and woven fabrics , knitted fabrics, tufted fabric with seam stitching yarn braid and wet felting felts ( regardless of whether such products through acupuncture reinforcement ) .
1, a wet non -woven fabric and wet paper nonwoven fabrics difference is found to be one of the following conditions :
a, the component of the fiber length to diameter ratio of greater than 300 fibers ( excluding chemical cooked vegetable fibers ) of more than 50% by mass ;
b, the component of the fiber length to diameter ratio of greater than 300 fibers ( excluding cooking chemical plant fiber ) of more than 30 % by mass , and the density less than 0.4 / cm .
2, do not think that is chemically cooking viscose fiber plant fiber .
Woven wallpaper wallpaper in the three categories is the best air permeability , environmental protection is also quite good , there is no contamination of the material itself . In this type of wallpaper paste when glue is dry the fastest , so it will not get wet walls . Another advantage is the easy construction, this point may be obvious , as landlord experience . After all construction workers are doing, but we still have to mention . Because this type of wallpaper material properties , as long as the construction worker with a scraper scrape once, while the other two kinds of materials may be scraping wallpaper 2-3 times.
Advantages: zero formaldehyde, scalability, small contraction .
Disadvantages: high prices, the price of imports in volume between 700 yuan -900 yuan , made ​​between 400-600 ( price is for reference ) . Wallpaper is sold by volume rather than square meters, 10 meters roll of wallpaper is generally long , 0.52 meters wide , with an area of approximately 5.2 square meters .
Mainly by grass, bark , and modern high-end new natural strengthening pulp ( containing 10 % of the wood fiber filaments ) processing, color natural, generous , simple , paste technology simple and easy to Alice, blistering, no odor , high environmental performance, breathable, earmarked for the European -based children’s room wallpaper , especially the more modern new wallpaper strengthen pulp scrub , anti-static, no dust and other characteristics compared to its breathable non-woven wallpaper of less stronger than resin wallpaper , environmental protection is stronger than the equivalent non-woven resin wallpaper, color pure paper wallpaper is very positive .
Disadvantages: larger contraction , so that the wallpaper on the wall is easy to show cracks , easy to swap colors. Reminder: moist air is best not to use pure paper wallpaper.
Price: pure paper wallpaper roll prices between 400-900 yuan , but there are more than 900 yuan ( price is for reference ) , in fact, a large part of the price of the wallpaper is " design pattern " , just Like fashion .
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