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Cotton woven cross-border Nuggets

Purchasing Guide come up with a lighter , facing two hands were burned baby diapers surface a bit, then smell the dew wearing two different flavors. "We have this piece is 100% cotton surface , another piece of the name ’ soft cotton ’ logo is actually fiber ( market area ) surface ." Purchasing Guide laughs.

Eventually wear exposed in this house called the "Cotton era" living museum where just given birth to a baby sister bought a cotton diaper baby , let the good feedback sister Dai Lu initiation of interest in this company .

As the creator , director of the Oriental Fund , wearing dew on the new consumer areas of the company has always had a keen sense of smell .

She found the kitchen washing dishes made ​​with gauze cloth praised by her mother , medical cotton non-woven fabrics made ​​of cotton diapers , sanitary napkins by women praise, these cotton come from a household with a medical background Company - a wholly owned subsidiary of cotton era of Winner Medical Group .

In recent years , medical brand to civilian consumer goods market is becoming a trend. Foreign Medical brand Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth , Vichy , etc. is made to civilian medical paradigm , while domestic brands have turned Baiyao toothpaste products , Pien Tze Huang (600436.SH) launched cosmetic products, the pharmaceutical companies involved in the field of cosmetics are also many 300 .

But the shift from company medical materials ( market area ) home life supplies of cotton , cotton is the first era , is currently the only one .

On the one hand , the people in the background doctor to make cotton era for many venture capital institutions, " darling ." On the other hand , medical supplies and FMCG marketing model is completely different , either before export or sell the hospital , and now have to face the ordinary consumers , many doctors turn China brands are more or less facing a " channel " dilemma.

" Concept of environmental health is very good, but for consumers to accept there is a huge gap ." Winner Medical chairman , Li , general manager of cotton whole era of the "First Financial Daily" reporters frankly, in the past three years , all cotton era in marketing and product development turned over a billion dollars " tuition ."

" Forced" out of the brand

All over the age of fifty Li , founder of healthy care. In 1991, he was from Hubei Pharmaceutical ( market area ) and Health Products Import and Export Corporation sea , doing medical dressings international trade ( market area ) , from a phone, fax, began to do investment in factories producing medical dressings, exported to Japan , Europe and America twenty years later, the Winner Medical Group made ​​the U.S. listed companies.

Production of medical dressings from home life to the creation of a brand , is Li wholly compelling approach. " Our most important product is the medical gauze products , I have been confused in gauze yarn head wound healing , so full of enthusiasm did not want to develop a yarn head of product ." Li -chuan .

2003 onwards, Li led the team to the whole study abroad advanced technology into several hundred million dollars , the formation of the production line , repeated experiments, and finally developed a cotton spunlace non-woven , and in more than 50 countries around the world to obtain a patent license .

This technology not only solves the problem of gauze yarn head , and shorten the production cycle. Previously, the production of cotton yarn spun from cotton gauze and then made into fabric, a gauze products orders to two-month production cycle. Now has a complete production line, raw cotton into cotton woven roll out is , an order as long as two days , a lot of saving water and electricity and labor consumption.

But there are strict foreign markets and mature medical pharmacopoeia and standards to be used for domestic cotton spunlace nonwoven medical market , promote and modify pharmacopoeia standards take years .

Find innovative market first , let Li whole somewhat passive. Initially, he Jumbo woven cotton as a raw material exports to foreign countries or some companies do napkin , watching his patent after being pasted into someone else’s brand of consumer goods , Li whole heart some uncomfortable.

2009 , the Li whole saw , wet wipes on the market , such as sanitary napkins and baby diapers and more to do with a non-woven fiber material , the name of " soft cotton " on the cover , giving customers the illusion resulting material is cotton , he initiation of cotton towels instead of paper towels, cotton with cotton woven disposable diapers made ​​of the idea .

Survey by professional consultants , there are vacancies in the market of high -quality cotton fields of home life museum , which strengthened Li wholly own brand of determination. "As long as contact with the skin can become our supplies of cotton products, including outdoor sporting goods , Hanjin, bandages and other sports , even after the development of gauze blankets, sheets, Pyjamas , etc. ." Fang Xiu Yuan , vice president of Winner Medical Group , told reporters said.

Channels dilemma to be solved

With products, how to sell ? Fang Xiu yuan , said the company discussed for a long time , taking into account the increase of new products allow customers to experience a sense of need , determine sales with chains.

2009 began in December , cotton era invested heavily in laying sales network in major cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing , Shanghai , Changsha, Wuhan, opened 53 cotton living museum . Meanwhile, some products through super channel sales , also set up e-commerce company , set up shop in Lynx , Jingdong , pat .

But now it seems , sales channels to go a lot of detours . Super channels of slotting fees and charges into a huge bar , rental cost , selling cotton era has accumulated losses of three and a half times more than 100 million yuan .

Fang Xiu Yuan said that the era of the first cotton chains have community stores, high street stores , as well as department stores , shopping stores, and later found that only shopping center is suitable for cotton era of consumer orientation , consumers have plenty of time for shopping Center food shopping , shopping guide also has plenty of time to explain the product .

Through exploration, marketing ideas become clear. Li -chuan , the last principle is the fastest speed shop, this change in thinking, to put the past into a mall store 300 to 500 square meters large shop , shop unit area because of higher rents , commercial real estate does not pay attention . Big stores can make cotton products concentrated in a store , the product range richer, optimize the customer experience .

Currently , cotton store sales and e-commerce era gradually from a loss to a profit . Supermarket sales or a loss , but the loss is less and less. In 2012, sales reached 90 million yuan in 2013, with annual sales expected to reach 180 million yuan , including maternal and child products become the fastest growing series.

Dai Lu analysts say , medical background , spending quality is reputation, the rapid growth of online sales , may be profitable in 2014 , with female high -quality consumer willingness on baby products , have become the cause of future growth era cotton .

Also have investors that, from an investment perspective , cotton era living museum where the product line is too complicated, from cotton swabs , paper towels to kitchen ware, baby products are doing, the lack of core products. But Dai Lu believes that these products are mostly concerned with women , female consumers can catch the live site.
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