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Oerlikon showcase a variety of non-woven fabric equipment and technology

Index of non-woven exhibit meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland , Oerlikon Neumag show suitable for the production of sanitary and industrial equipment used in the new staple staple force s 1000 and other variety of high-quality non-woven fabrics and new equipment technology.

Currently, the global market of non -woven fabric with polyester, polypropylene and other chemical fiber bicomponent annual growth rate of approximately 5%. According to this rate, by 2015, only carded nonwovens total fiber demand will reach 3.2 million tons . These materials are mainly used in civil engineering geotextiles , filter materials, the automotive industry and the internal insulation material and a lot of special products.

And demand characteristics of the current market is the ability to adapt to the requirements of small batch production orders in a short time can be shipped to the high production cost efficiency . Currently difficult to satisfy these requirements . " Staple force s 1000 per day and more concerned with cost-effective production , with this equipment, we can narrow the gap between demand and actual supply .

Same time, we will integrate into daily operations through fiber production , downstream manufacturers to better coordinate product development and improve the quality of management. " Oerlikon chemical fiber business sector ceo stefan kross said .

This staple force s 1000 design simple and efficient device operation (force represents the "fibers on request and compact engineering", that is, on-demand production of fiber and engineering compact ) . Compared with the conventional production line , the system greatly reduces the conversion time of the product , thereby significantly reducing waste. For the one-step process is concerned , the system has reached an unprecedented production speed of 1000 meters per minute.

To achieve such production speed , specially modified Neumag a company has been successfully used for many years in the carpet yarn drawing process plant , the steam bath to reduce the step . The new process significantly reduces energy and water consumption , saving both cost and it helps the environment. At the same time , this highly compact device requires only 450 square meters of floor space, can be installed in a standard industrial aerodromes , does not require special equipment foundation , additional investment costs have also been reduced to a minimum.

Index nonwovens exhibition meeting, Neumag company also demonstrated the full process of bituminous roofing membranes , roofing liner layer and the substrate , such as the production of geotextiles offers from polymer particles have been sliced ​​to roll . This one-stop spunbond technology reduces up to 20 % of the production costs. Oerlikon Neumag meltblown nonwoven technology that enables high-quality meltblown nonwoven and sms ( composite nonwoven fabric ) products can be more cost- efficient production advantages .

Alone and interconnected using meltblown nonwoven production equipment used in the production of non -woven fabric can be various types of filters , insulation and absorption products. Meltblown nonwoven technology can be used to " plug and play" installation in the form of existing and new sxs factory , melt-spun non-woven products are mainly used in many other medical and health fields.

Neumag core airlaid nonwovens technology is shaping die , it set the industry standard for the thin airlaid nonwovens production . This new forming die can produce only very thin airlaid nonwoven materials , and can make full use of the capacity of the apparatus , not only to produce a variety of non-woven fabric , but also achieve savings of raw materials.

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